I.e.: Work in Progress Made To Order. 

A friend, Daniela, asked us to knit a poncho for her based on a poncho I had. Since we usually make our handmade projects and then selling them, asking to make a specific piece is a new challenge. However, since we need to get used to MTO products I decided to accept and started making her poncho :).

I hope to finish it soon, at least before she goes on vacations to Peru so that she can use it on her trip. Nothing like a handmade knit to keep you warm during cold nights, besides she won’t find another artisan poncho made with as much love as mine :).

I really enjoyed knitting my own poncho, so I was happy to knit one for a friend.

My knitted poncho

My knitted poncho

Here you can see how the hand knitted poncho is coming along.

The yarn: Chocolate brown with aqua highlights

The yarn: Chocolate brown with aqua highlights

Detail of knit cable

Detail of cable

So far, so good :)

So far, so good 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on our progress

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